Photorealism with Dru Blair


Photorealism with Dru Blair

January 6-9, 2022 -Italy

Male Portrait Masterclass 

corso fotorealismo ad aerografo Dru Blair alla Scuola delle Arti

“Male portraits often are filled with lots of skin textures and wrinkles, but we will guide you through the process to create an amazing outcome in this class!”

Since opaque and transparent paint behaves so differently, we need to know how and when to apply each to our painting, because each possesses unique characteristics which need to be considered first. 

Color Palette- 

Learn Dru’s 3-color palette for any skin tone, the 2-color rule for eyelashes, and how to arrive at a natural lip color.

Transparent flesh tones-

Transparent flesh tones expand your capabilities Here we will show you how utilize them with skin textures for maximum realism.

Using a blade to correct mistakes- Most people wouldn’t believe that a blade can be used to make subtle adjustments or correct major errors. We will show you the best way to apply the blade to subtly lighten an area.

Advanced shield techniques-

There is more to using a hand shield than just holding if over your painting and spraying.

Here we will show you many advanced shield techniques.

Creating the texture of the Iris-

We will take an in-depth look at the iris and how to best render it. You will learn several different techniques to create the complex texture.

Unconventional texture creation-

It never hurts to have knowledge of other methods. Here we will introduce you to alternative techniques that allow you to make great skin textures.

Difficult transitions –

Some complex transitions are a bit tricky to navigate. We will show you how to manage them.

How to create advanced skin wrinkles and folds –

Skin is a complex, translucent, and textured surface. We will show you several ways to quickly achieve photorealistic skin.

How to find and fix the worst disasters in your paintings –

Sometimes we make horrific mistakes. The trick is knowing how to deal with them, and hide them in the finished product.
We will show you how.

Alternative ways to match colors –

It’s difficult to paint anything accurately until you can really see it.

We will teach you how to visually dismantle an object, then reassemble it on the painting surface.

Your workshop begins at 9:00 am on Thursday, Jan 6, and finishes on Sunday Evening at 5:30 on Jan 9

AIRBRUSH: bring your own, we recommend getting used to the equipment you will be using at home or borrow an airbrush for class use

PRICE: € 550,00 workshop only 

Secure your place by paying a € 100,00 deposit. You will pay the balance when you prefer by  Decembre 27th.

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We offer a shuttle from the airport to the course location , our shuttle service is free between 3:30 pm and 8:00 pm. Later or earlier pickups are available for a €75 surcharge.