4 days of intense training and fun with the Tech'nEZ method!

Learn how to airbrush realistic portraits in a very logical and easy to follow way.

The Tech'nEZ method is not only good for fine art and portraits, but can also be applied to custom painting and other artforms.

You will learn how to render realistic textures, colors, skincolors, values, proportions, shapes and much more.

We also show how to use "everyday tools" to make amazing artwork.


We use a minimum of colors with a maximum result.

Weather you are used to working with opaques or transparents, you just started airbrushing or are an advanced airbrusher, this workshop is suitable for anyone that wants to expand their knowledge!


We do demonstrations and offer guidance through the complete process of a painting and make sure everybody understands the content of the workshop, so you can create your own artworks at home with a lot of confidence. 


The first day we explain a lot

about shapes, different techniques with an airbrush and erasers, observing, motives, composition, contrast, textures and much more.


The sketch

It is very important that you know how to make your own sketch. I show you multiple ways of creating a good sketch, to serve as a guide for your painting. After applying the sketch, you will see the first airbrush-demonstration. Then everyone starts working on their own portrait. We do not work with masking foil, but I do explain and show how to work with this in case you might need it. Also, 90% of the painting will be done freehand, with different techniques. I will show you how to properly make shadings, transitions, harder edges, tiny detail and how to blend shapes properly, so you wonít have any trouble with hard edges or separate blocks of color and shapes.  We start with an underpainting.


We explain how you can work with color in a very easy and

pleasant way. You will be able to understand how color reacts, by adding white, grey or black and by working and mixing directly on your surface. If you know how to work with color, you can apply this knowledge for any medium you would like to work with. Knowledge of color is the biggest freedom you can have as an artist and should be the foundation for everyone that wants to create good art. Understanding this, you will also be able to easily correct mistakes.

This will be a day to work on our first color layers.

You will be demonstrated how to make an underpainting and add the first layers of color. We work out textures, highlights and shapes on top of our underpainting.

For every part of the face I will show you a demonstration. Carlo and I will guide you on your own painting after the demo's.




You can take your breaks whenever you need hem, as everyone can work on their own tempo and will receive personal guidance. It is important that you take some distance from your painting every now and then, so you will have a better and fresh look on your work.

This helps you to prevent mistakes and see the whole painting instead of being focused on smaller parts continuously. There is also plenty of room for questions. Everyone will receive a note-block to write down notes that helps you memorizing the lessons. Day two will be full of airbrushing and you will realize that the theory from day one is now fully used in practice. You now know everything about shapes, textures, values and sketching.

Going in Deep with skintones, values, shadows etc.


In the Day 3, Marissa will show you how to apply shadows and the final skin colors. All shapes, highlights and values, but also the shadows should be in by now. The biggest part of the face is done. The next day we will add nuances and detail, also hair and cloths or other additional aspects. I will show you that you can use this technique for anything, and it does not matter if it is a car, background or face.

As long as you follow the steps you can control your subject. It will also help you gaining trust to work out your own fantasy in a later stage.

Glazing and Details.


I will show you how to work with different mediums and glazing- techniques to achieve great effects like the old Masters. The many layers of color nuances create a great depth and give your painting an intriguing look.

The details are added and worked out and also hair and cloths or other objects we find, will be added. Use of several other media like color pencils and brushes are also shown and you can choose to implement them in your own artwork or finish everything  with the airbrush and bring your artwork to a higher level of realism. It can also be very interesting for artists that do custom painting and want to learn new airbrush techniques. The techniques we show are perfectly adaptable for any discipline, not just fine art.


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