Craig Fraser will be teaching a two day workshop at the Scuola Delle Arti in Bologna Italy on the 8th and 9th of September 2012.


It’s a great weekend break for anyone interested in custom painting and want to learn how to improve their skills. Day one will be a true fire with flaming skull project and day two will be a steam punk themed project.


Relax in the evening over a beer and proper Italian Pizza and talk shop with one of the world’s most knowledgeable custom painters.

Cost for the 2 day workshop is 350 Euros.

Including snacks, refreshments and mid day meal.

There is a free pickup and drop off service at the airport and collection to and from the hotel and B&B.


Please contact us for accommodation details, we have a number of recommended B&Bs and hotels who have discounted rates for students attending workshops at the school.

There's a great deal if students are happy to share accommodation!

If anyone wishes to extend their visit to see more of Italy, we are 1 ½ hours train ride to Florence and Venice, perfect if you want to bring your partner. We are also 15 mins by car from the Lamborghini factory (Open to visitors) and 25 mins from the Ducati factory (Open to visitors)


Skulls, and Flames Workshop:


In this 1 day workshop you will learn the basics of freehand, and stencil airbrushing.  The skulls, as well as the flames are a combination of freehand, stencil, and masking techniques that must be combined to create a seamless image.  Mixed media airbrushing is a style where you do not limit yourself to just one technique, but you combine them to create the best end result.  Mixed Media is not just the cleanest, and best way to render an image, it is also the quickest.  You will learn this technique on your project in the workshop, as well as the basic dagger strokes, and other important tricks that Craig Fraser has developed over the years to quicken ones ability at the most difficult, and “king” of all techniques, Freehanding.  At the end of the day, you will learn enough techniques, and tricks to keep you practicing, and improving for years.


SteamPunk Workshop:


The Steampunk style is a retro-technology artform that takes vintage equipment, materials, and textures, and combines them into a fantastic Science Fiction image.  Steampunk Art can be seen not just in automotive but also in clothing,  video games, set design, and gallery fineart. Craig will teach you the fundamentals of this technique that he has been perfecting for years.  With a combination of stencil use, sequential masking, freehand airbrushing, and texturing, Craig will introduce the Mixed Medea techniques, and tricks that he uses in his own workshop to create these mechanical works of art.  Besides learning to use these varied techniques in combination with each other, you will also learn other basic freehand techniques necessary to build ones experience, and personal ability with the airbrush. 


While both workshops may use some similar techniques, they are not redundant. They each can be taken separately, but when taken together, the student will learn more from both days, and take home a much more complete arsenal of airbrush, and creative design techniques.  Every technique taught by Craig Fraser is used within his shop, and are not modified as simple teaching tools. These workshops are professional classes, designed to give airbrush artist the best tools in the industry, so that their personal creativity can be brought to a professional level.





Craig Fraser has been airbrushing since the early 80’s, and has worked as the head designer, and airbrush artist for Kal Koncepts/Air Syndicate for the past 20 years.  Besides working with numerous manufacturers in testing, and designing airbrush products,  Craig has also been teaching workshops in kustom painting, and creative airbrushing for 3 decades.  The author of 3 books on airbrushing, over 25 videos, and 350+ feature articles, Craig has worked a lifetime developing, and working with other artists to create some of the best teaching programs, and airbrush techniques in the world today. Besides being an educator, Craig’s predominant work is still from his Bakersfield, CA. Workshop.  Some of his past clients include:  Iwata, House of Kolor, Artool, Jesse James/ West Coast Choppers, Billy Lane, Dave Perewitz, Arlen Ness, General Motors, Ford, Dodge, and Harley Davidson.  



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